Automatically transition into an end-to-end digital AML/CFT compliance framework on a single platform.

Transform AML/CTF into Preconfigured Workflows

AML360 delivers preconfigured workflows which ensures your business streamlines governance, risk and compliance. Our workflows are reviewed on an ongoing basis by AML professionals, academics and former advisers to government. This means your AML officer is operating like a compliance professional, regardless of their subject matter expertise.


Eliminate paperwork and move to an end-to-end digital process

How We Can Help

End-to-End Solution

AML360 is the only software vendor in Australia with an end-to-end AML compliance solution. With a single subscription and login, your business can manage client profiling, screening, transaction analysis, compliance monitoring, senior management reporting, business risk assessments, programs, case management, country risk analysis and internal reporting.

Compliance Monitoring

Our systems allow ongoing compliance monitoring so that you are kept informed of any compliance controls that require strengthening. This means you operate under a 'no surprises policy'. When an audit or onsite inspection is approaching, you will know what areas require additional resourcing. We also provide you the option to design preconfigured management reports.

Complete Visibility

AML360's end-to-end solution gives your business complete visibility of your AML/CTF compliance status and risk position. By using heat maps and charts, we ensure you are able to interpret bulk data instantly. Having visual data at your fingertips is key to evidencing compliance, identifying hot-spots, manage compliance costs and gain better overall AML/CTF compliance control.

Automate Admin Tasks

AML360 eliminates manual processes by replacing with digital automation. This includes updating business risk assessments, modifying compliance programs, keeping client profiles current, identifying suspicious account activity, undertaking compliance monitoring and identifying when a program requires updating. We make AML compliance as easy as 1-2-3.

Case Management

Our inbuilt case management feature allows you to set priority levels, deadline dates, assign responsible persons, track progress, report and when all objectives have been met, close cases. You can use the filters to view open or closed cases assigned to individuals and track their progress. There is no limitation to how you use our case management feature - training, client reviews, ongoing monitoring.

User Permissions

AML360 defines levels of permissions so senior managers can assign employees access to workflows or deny them certain authority within a workflow. This allows managers to delegate but maintain ongoing oversight. Permissions can be set to specific roles or seniority levels. Permissions include authority to set priority levels, close management cases, delete from registers, assign individuals to cases.

Frequently asked questions

Workflow optimisation is the improvement of an existing workflow, by reducing operating costs, improving the efficiency of work done, or adding new functions to an existing workflow, which ensures the workflow performs as efficiently as possible.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a way of delivering an application over the internet. So, instead of installing the software on your server, you simply access it through the internet. You don’t need to buy, install or manage any hardware. Just open your web browser, login and go.

Your monthly cost will depend on the compliance services you require. Our monthly subscription starts from $49 (+gst).  We have many options to package a tailored solution that suits your specific business needs.  Just gives us call or drop us an email and we will can discuss your requirements.

Your ongoing cost is limited to your monthly subscription which you can cancel at anytime.  Maintenance and installation costs are covered. Enjoy the convenience of accessing your database straight from the internet without investing in costly hardware installs or maintaining software updates. We will take care of all of that, from updates and security to hardware maintenance.

The co-founders of AML360 were former AML advisers to government. Each recognised small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) were struggling with AML/CTF compliance obligations. The limited budgets of SMEs restricted the options of hiring skilled staff or obtaining services from consultancy professionals. These factors motivated the co-founders to develop AML/CTF compliance software with automated embedded best practice and a simple user interface. Most importantly, the cost factor had to be affordable. 

You can access AML360 anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection and access to any web-enabled device.